Take Note: Handwritten Messages Are Better Than Ever

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Take Note: Handwritten Messages Are Better Than Ever

In today’s digital world, handwritten messages have become a lost art. However, instead of mourning the demise of personal notes, take advantage of this trend by using them to stand out with your real estate clients.

When people feel bombarded by emails, texts and instant messages, what better way to make a positive impression than to send a lovely handwritten note they’ll find in their mailbox at the end of a busy day?

While not practical for large mailings, this technique is perfect for expressing:

  • Congratulations upon closing a new home purchase or sale.
  • Thanks for the referral of a new client.
  • Sympathy and support during difficult times.

Handwritten notes are also an excellent way to stay in touch with your A-list contacts. Each November, for example, you could send a short note expressing your best wishes for an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday and your thanks for their support.

Instead of adding your name to a long list of “Happy Birthday!” greetings on someone’s Facebook timeline, why not jot a quick, friendly message and drop it in the mail?

Make it Simple

Handwritten notes don’t have to require extra time and work. There are several ways to streamline your efforts:

Design and print a supply of cards. Make sure they incorporate your key branding elements (logo, colors, etc.) and contact information, but don’t turn them into blatant promotional pieces. Keep your notecards refined, with lots of white space.

Draft your messages in advance. You’ll be much more likely to use hand-written notes if you don’t have to compose each message from scratch. If you need some thought-starters, peruse online card sites for ideas, modifying messages to suit your needs.


Image from FountainGreetings.com

Leverage online tools. Turn the tables on technology and use it to simplify your handwriting efforts. For example, at FountainGreetings.com, you can select a blank card and message and they’ll take it from there—handwriting your message, adding a wax seal (a free option), postage, and dropping your card in the mail ($7/card). Small gifts can also be added, if desired.

While real estate has evolved into an increasingly high-tech industry, the actual practice of real estate is more often high-touch. Take advantage of tools like handwritten notes to distinguish your work with clients and promote the personal aspect of your business.


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