Real Estate Marketing Success Stories: Meet Anthony West

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Real Estate Marketing Success Stories: Meet Anthony West

23-year-old Kansas City agent brings modern approach to modern home sales

Most agents agree that launching a real estate career isn’t easy, especially if you’re fresh out of college. While he wouldn’t call it easy, Kansas City native Anthony West is working hard and, more importantly, working smart to carve out his own space in the industry.

As a business major specializing in entrepreneurial skills, West was drawn to real estate because it offers him a chance to build a business from the ground up, putting into practice all the different skills he learned in college—from sales and marketing, to finance and accounting—plus a strategic plan to drive his success.

Even though his college training gives him a distinct leg up, he’s constantly learning and refining his approach. “In real estate, some tactics never go out of style, like building your sphere of influence,” says West. “But in today’s technology-dominated society, an agent who’s savvy about using online marketing can reach an exponentially larger number of people.”

Recently, he shared several insights about how he’s tackling his marketing challenges and fine-tuning his strategy.


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Challenge: Build more website traffic

Solution: Whether creating content for his site ( or posting to social media, West places a high priority on creativity. “Everything must be visually interesting, or you won’t be able to capture the attention of potential visitors and draw them onto your site,” he explains.

To support his strategy, West invested in top-notch camera equipment and takes his own eye-catching photos. “Eventually, I’d like to hire a professional photographer, but when you’re just starting out, you need to do things yourself.”

While his website is visually engaging, he also employs a keyword strategy that improves the ranking of his blog posts in search results. Over time, he’s learned that it’s equally important to create content that’s NOT specifically about real estate, but still prompts people to engage with his site—general topics that people search for every day, like information on local events.

He’s also become a firm believer in building traffic organically. “I’ve tried various paid marketing techniques, including promoted posts and paid leads, but keep coming back to organic techniques. They simply work better and feel more authentic.”


Challenge: Expand my sphere of influence

Solution: Most real estate agents recognize the importance of having a large and active personal and professional network. West is tackling this challenge both face-to-face and online with equal gusto.

He’s an avid user of social media, actively managing multiple profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. In general, however, he’s found more success forming connections through his personal profiles, as opposed to business pages. After all, he concludes, “what’s the point of having lots of Facebook pages if they don’t show the real YOU?“

But West also makes it a priority to meet and stay in touch with lots of people in face-to-face settings, through volunteer work and professional networking circles that link him to others interested in entrepreneurship and marketing. His hope is that they’ll think of him as “the real estate guy”—a top-of-mind resource if someone is looking for help buying or selling a home.


Challenge: Establish credibility

Solution: West recognizes that one of the biggest hurdles for new agents is the perception that they’re not as experienced or knowledgeable as an industry veteran. To combat that perception, he began contributing articles to Inman news, which provided instant credibility and exposure to another large audience. Smart move!


While still early in his real estate career, West is definitely laying the groundwork for long-term success. His marketing approach reflects a true marriage of traditional tried-and-true tactics with “new school” thinking. Other agents interested in giving their marketing efforts a fresh coat of paint—or marketing to the all-important millennial segment—would do well to take a closer look and study his tactics.



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