Bluestem Marketing is the brainchild of Julie Collins, a marketing and business communications professional who’s spent over 10 years producing content for the National Association of REALTORS® and individual real estate agents, plus three decades in corporate marketing.

Over time, she’s seen very few real estate professionals take advantage of niche marketing or leverage the Internet to promote their special expertise. She’s on a mission to change that.


Why do agents resist niche marketing?

Common answers and misconceptions:

“I worry that specialization will LIMIT my business.” (It won’t! In fact, claiming to do everything can prevent you from gaining traction with anyone.)

“I don’t know HOW to promote my niche.” (Don’t worry, you can learn!)

“I don’t have TIME to improve my marketing efforts.” (If you’re not satisfied with your current production, name one thing that’s a better use of your time.)

If any of these points ring true, it’s time to find success with our coaching services, built on professional marketing experience and an intimate understanding of the real estate industry.