2. Promote it online

Promote your niche with original content.

Once you have a specialized focus, make sure your website attracts home buyers and sellers most interested in your services. This involves adding original and interesting content that answers the questions clients are most likely to ask.

The result? Your visitors will quickly see that you understand their needs. But there’s another reason to include unique and useful content: to grab the attention of search engines. Winning the SEO game means your content must be good AND fresh.

Some people call these content updates blogging. It’s the single most powerful marketing tool in an agent’s arsenal, yet less than 5 percent of agents do it. (And among those who do, many don’t do it correctly.)


This spells a huge opportunity.

Virtually any agent committed to a content marketing/blogging strategy can “own” their exclusive turf on the Internet and have a powerful hub for attracting buyers and sellers.

Bluestem Marketing can get you there. We’ll teach you how and, if you like, provide ongoing support.


Step 3: Capture more traffic and leads.