1. Find your real estate niche

Find your real estate niche.

Find your real estate niche.

Many real estate agents mistakenly believe that they aren’t good candidates for niche marketing or they can’t afford to specialize. Truth is, there are many excellent reasons to claim your niche and many ways to do it.

A niche built on geography is one common approach. (Just be careful about claiming an area that’s too big and diluting your credibility as a specialist.)


Niches can also be built on:

– types of properties (such as new construction, historical homes, downtown lofts)

– expert knowledge about special types of transactions (investment properties, home buyer assistance)

– shared hobbies and interests (pet rescue, gardening, community involvement)

– types of buyers/sellers (first-time buyers, relocation, age-restricted housing)


Here are 100 options. Also consider what’s “too narrow” and what’s “too broad.” Often, the answer relies on blending various segments into something that uniquely defines “you.” (Example: a suburban agent who concentrates on helping apartment-dwellers in My Town achieve home ownership, including credit repair assistance)

Bluestem Marketing refines your focus based on careful consideration of your unique talents and interests, your competitive situation, and what approach will attract clients in your market. Learn more.


Step 2: Online promotion.